“Sales Spotlight has been this one-stop-shop for gaining insight to be the most effective in my role.”

–Emily Witt, Community Liaison at Good Samaritan Hospice

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Are you stressed about the amount of time your sales team spends preparing for sales calls?


Or is it difficult to identify the right metrics and present them in a compelling manner?


Sales Spotlight from Trella Health eliminates prep time by providing a detailed talk track for sales presentations with referral partners.

Easily accessible on the go, Sales Spotlight summarizes the metrics referring partners care about in straightforward language that builds trust and drives more referrals.

Request a free sample Sales Spotlight for one physician in your market. Simply complete the form with the physician’s name and location or NPI in the comments.


Request your free and personalized sample of Sales Spotlight

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Give your team the confidence that comes with data-driven conversations!

With Sales Spotlight, your sales team is provided the insights and metrics they need to capture the attention of referral partners including the referring provider’s utilization rate, top 3 referral destinations, and your agency’s metrics compared to benchmarks and competitors.

Request your personalized example now to see how these Sales Spotlight conversation starters can be used to position your agency as the optimal partner for your referring providers and help your team reach its referral targets.

Sales Spotlight requests will be processed in 24 hours. If you don’t have the NPI and we can’t find the agency you are requesting, we may need to reach out for more info. If you would like to see a non-personalized Sales Spotlight, just as an example, let us know in the comment section above!

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