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Trella Trends Subscription Sample.pngAdvancing the future of your post-acute or value-based care organization starts with having a keen understanding of what's going on in your market, the industry, and your potential partners. If you're trusting your gut or relying on stale, outdated data, your business decisions might just fall flat.

Here at Trella Health, fresh data is the secret ingredient to helping our customers succeed. But we're not just giving you spreadsheets that you have to dig through to find gems of knowledge. We're doing the hard work and analysis for you.

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Drafting a Winning Value-Based Care Roster

For ACOs and DCEs, drafting a strong network starts with the right balance of contracted partners and preferred providers. Find out how to approach your network like a fantasy football draft!

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Optimize Your PAC by Exploring Patient Pathways

Exploring patient pathways from inpatient episodes to post-acute destinations shows gaps in patient care. But how do these gaps translate to opportunities for improvement? Read more!

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Podcast: Build an Optimal PAC Network

Today's healthcare organizations are tasked with lowering Medicare spend while improving outcomes. Meaning partnerships between value-based and post-acute care organizations are even more important. 

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