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The landscape of post-acute marketing and sales has changed dramatically. With advancements in both technology and transparency, the industry has seen a wave of innovation – and the challenges that come with it. To further complicate matters, patient needs are shifting, especially in the wake of COVID-19. To succeed in today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry, entire organizations – from executive leaders to community liaisons – need to adapt their methods and embrace new solutions.

Watch our recorded webinar, Preserving Market Share and Building a Growth Mindset, to learn about some of the top challenges facing today post-acute care leaders – and how to lay the groundwork for growth.

Watch Preserving Market Share and Building a Growth Mindset to discover:

  • Quantifiable impacts of COVID-19 on Medicare beneficiaries and providers
  • Ways to identify areas for growth and techniques for preserving market share
  • How to take a top-down approach to implement the right business strategies and technology solutions
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Learn from these experts:


Melynda Lee

Director of Growth Solutions, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Melynda Lee is a nationally recognized expert in home care and hospice sales, marketing and referral management, communications, public relations, administration, and strategic planning.


Andy Powell

VP of Customer Success, Trella Health

Andy is a customer experience veteran with experience driving innovation across the customer life cycle in roles such as product manager, director of solution engineering, product evangelist, and VP of customer experience.