Better visualization, more details, and clearer insights…

That’s what makes Marketscape the obvious choice to replace PDGMpro.

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See beyond PDGM Insights.

At the heart of the home health industry is improving patient care and outcomes. But, until now, it’s been difficult to prove to your referral partners that your agency actually drives the most positive results. Until Marketscape.

PDGMpro gave you access to key insights, but Marketscape gives you so much more. From readmission rates to total cost of care, you can easily see how your agency performs – and how you stack up to your competitors. Bringing these metrics to your referral partners gives you the upper hand – and helps your referral partners make better decisions.

“In a PDGM world, I see Trella Health as being the driving force of working smarter, not harder at identifying referral sources who have institutional business that focuses on optimizing the admission source and diagnosis.”

– Janet Laswell, Regional Sales Director, Elevate Home Health, CA

PDGM insights are a great start – but Marketscape unlocks a whole new world of competitive insights to help you succeed. See the power of Marketscape for yourself.

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